J. Cole – Album Of The Year (Freestyle) mp3 download audio

J. Cole – Album Of The Year (Freestyle) mp3 download audio

American rapper j.coloe has finally broken the silence by releasing a freestyle song he labelled “album of the year”

The question is. Is KOD the Best album as j.Cole  claimed . Rate the Album 10-100.



Quotable Lyrics:


Don’t want to fuck up my vibe
Let’s end it on a positive note, come see me live
KOD, album of the year, undebatably
My cadence be the greatest we’ve seen since the late MC who’s name was The Notorious
Dreamville stacked like the Warriors
Winning back to back
Next up to bat is my nigga Bas
After that Jiddy-J.I.D
That’s that New York City kid plus ATL
Me, I’m from the ‘Ville but I know them towns well
Before I had a deal I was givin’ niggas hell
Now I’m givin’ niggas deals and they givin’ niggas hell


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DOWNLOAD MP3 : J Cole – Beat Album (Freestyle) 



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