What Does The President Want???


It’s three years and counting, anytime the government defaults on any of its obligations, the president is always handy to blame someone.

The ex-president has had his fair share, in fact I think his name is now worn-out in the lists of excuses. They turned the blames to Gadaffi at some point and even started accusing Transparency International for conniving with some unnamed politician to manipulate our corruption ranking. The blame list is endless. I observed all this trend with great enthusiasm and the one I am beginning to find repugnant which really prompted this write up is the constant denigration of the National Assembly.



Beign a democrat is bigger than giving one dead man awards and gathering your party chiefs to scream on the microphone that “the president is now a democrat “. The constant squabbles, lies and blackmails thrown at the National Assembly by the executive arm of government is an evidence that our democracy is in its lowest form ever.

Obviously, the self acclaimed “people’s general ” is having great difficulty working in a democratic setting. Unfortunately, the president is from a region with the highest level of illiteracy in the country. His supporters swallow every assertion he makes hook line and sinker without asking the relevant question which is,

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“what is democracy without the National Assembly “?

If the executive arm of government can’t work effectively and efficiently with the legislative arm to bring about the greater good, then the executive arm has failed the people. No excuses. Every game have rules. The rule of democracy is “checks and balances”. Our general doesn’t like being checked. He believes he is a saint who solely posseses the power to judge and crucify.

The first major achievement of this regime was illegal invasion of judges house and questionable evidences were obtained .

(FYI, the auntencity of the evidences obtained cants stand in court because the search was done illegally).

The executive arm accused them of corruption. An allegation which makes me question the “independence of the judiciary”.

Even if they were corrupt, what did our constitution say about cases like that??? What’s the role of the judicial council when it comes to disciplining it’s members (according to our constitution)? Those allegations leveled against these judges have not been substantiated 100% till date.

So I pose this question to Buhari and his supporters.

Do you people want us to run a Buharized democracy where there is no checks and balances? This his recent rant on social media about the National Assembly cutting down his budgets for certain projects is a political statement.

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If the executive was competent and less vindictive, they would have worked together with the National Assembly on that budget process but no…. They are more interested in petty power struggles…Nigerians come last. Besides, if the funds released won’t match up the intended project, when you run out of funds, you raise a supplementary budget.

It’s 100% legal. Why take it to the public?? Why didn’t you tell the public about the possibility of a supplementary budget if the available funds are not enough. No, you only told them that NASS increased their budgets at the expense of the executive’s proposal.

Mr President, corruption is not only limited to the National Assembly. The amount of money beign spent on aso rock kitchen is still a mystery to me. Atimes I wonder if the whole world leaders fly to Nigeria for dinner. I’m not absolving the National Assembly of any blames, I’m just not cool with the negative media campaign against the NASS. Any learned man will know that an attempt on the National Assembly is an attempt on our democracy. We must thread with caution.

Mr President please tell us in clear terms, what do you want??? You want your own personal court room or Senate??? Who would swallow hook line and sinker everything you say or want??? Why are you crippling our democracy just because you don’t understand how it works. Those psychophants around you are using you to enrich themselves. Once the chips are down, baba you will stand alone. No need going further, my point has been made.

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Work with the democratic structures in place or step aside.

NB :

For a giant of Africa, Nigeria has a very low literacy level. When broken down into regions, North east and north west have one of the highest illiteracy level in the globe. It will be patriotic for citizens of these regions to view politics as a nation building process and not a religion dominating competition. We have a common goal, which is to build a strong Nigeria. Be patient enough to listen to facts before taking a stand.

long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria (if we want oh)

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