Is Fraud (Yahoo- Yahoo) The Nigerian Dream??

Is Fraud (Yahoo – Yahoo) The Nigerian Dream?

Is internet Fraud (Yahoo- Yahoo) The Nigerian Dream??

Is Fraud (Yahoo- Yahoo) The Nigerian Dream??

Nigeria as a nation is famous for all the wrong reasons. A fact which I find quite ironic because the nation has everything needed to build a solid and resilient economy . If merit had been the order of the day, Nigerian sportsmen would be one of the best in the world.
On the grassroots level, I have watched exceptional football talents that never get to represent the country. Because they don’t have “godfathers”.The elite class formed some form of cult-like union (irrespective of political and geographical boarder) , taking charge of every sector of the Nigerian economy. If you want to break through, you must pass through them. This system created some kind of bottle-neck effect thereby raising frustration and desperation among the youths. This explains the rise in crime rate, prostitution, drug abuse, drug pedeling and human trafficking in our society today.

Fast Growth of internet Fraud (Yahoo Business )

It’s estimated that about  5 million Nigerian youths in 2012 are into this  internet Fraud, and  we can see the growth so far. And now, 10 million Nigerians are into internet fraud annually (Estimated).
Over the years, internet fraud has appeared to be some form of life changer for Nigerian youths. It’s quite amazing that most Nigerian artistes are using music as a front.
The music often doesn’t really give back returns compared to what is invested except in very rare cases where the artiste in question has exceptional hit songs. What most of these entertainers do is to generate funds through internet fraud, then front it in the music as part of proceeds generated from the hustle.
This trend is not just peculiar to musicians,  apparently internet fraud is now the Nigerian dream.
It’s quite unfortunate that celebrities like Efe (Bbnaija winner)  could openly come out to defend fraudsters on the grounds that HERE. Politicians are the bigger thieves.  I think his action defines  “mediocrity in high places”. What I even find more baffling is that majority of the youths actually support these internet fraudsters on the grounds that the situation of things left them no choice. Obviously, Nigerian youths don’t really care about what the rest of the world thinks about them or what effect the “free stolen cash” is having on our economy.  To put it in clear terms,  these illegal monies of internet fraudsters reduce the drive for excellence in our society.

The Deadly Effects Of Internet  Fraud  (Yahoo -Yahoo)

Every day that goes by sees a new kid growing intense interest in internet fraud. So they can ride flashy cars.
We obviously have an endemic problem. The dreams of the founding fathers are derailed and poverty is acting as a catalyst. I appeal to good Nigerians not to trade their morals for crumbs because good name is better than silver and gold.  Nigerians that have traveled outside Nigeria will bear testimony to the battered image the country have. I’m not trying to absolve the politicians of any allegations being leveled against them,  all I’m saying is that corrupt politicians, corrupt cops and fraudsters are the three major epidemic eating out the heart of Nigeria today. Using one to justify the other is not a sensible argument. Our target should be how to uproot this evil now,  so we don’t pass it down to the next generation because this was exactly how drug trafficking gained prominence in South America.


We must not cave to the pressure of a weak society. The economic and political  conditions we face today in Nigeria is just a step away from the famous apartheid regime of South Africa. And the only difference is that the oppressors are black.  Crime is not a solution to bad governance. Therefore  the solution is revolution. To Cap-it Up , the outburst against Noble Igwe on social media (Twitter) is an evidence of the losing mentality among Nigerians. They have accepted defeat.  Little wonder the leaders yesterday are still presiding over the affairs of today

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