1) The contest is an online / offline contest 2) The contestants must be a full time student of Michael okpara university of agriculture, umudike. 3)The contest is open to both male / female students 4) The contestants should be ready for fame…because the contest comes with lots of publicity i.e. including radio 📻 interviews and tours 5) They contestants must be mentally sound, with good accent, understanding sentence stress and grammatical construction because they will be used as presenters to project several TV 📺 shows for the school 🏫 6) The contest is well managed and monitored by MOUAU idol committee which guide and regulate the contestants! 7) contestants have access to free medical care from the school medical center during the period of the contest and its valid only for contestants who have successfully opened their file 📁 at the medical center. 8) The winner will be presented with a the gifts and cash 💰 prizes instantly with out delay! 9) The winner of the contest photograph will be used for advert and commercials e.g Be a patriotic citizen do not vandalize school 🏫 properties 10) it has been researched to be the best contest on campus because it is being sponsored by young entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry. 11) Trying to bribe members of the idol team is not allowed as each category of the contest and its results is posted immediately online without giving time for mutilations of result. 12) All contestants are given same level of treatment no special contestants
[13) Any contestants got trying to lobby/ conspiring with mouau idol official or the use of auto likes shall be disqualified

14) no pictures with over exposed body parts will be accepted Only pictures approved by the idol committee will be posted on the MOUAU idol platforms
For more information pls…. Contact 08033742375.


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