Hussein Malulein
B.S Computer Engineering (2022)

Both phenomena occur in northernmost and southernmost regions of the Earth .

Since humans don’t live in Antarctic Circle then that leaves us with the countries close to the north pole .

These countries/places are Norway, Finland , Sweden , Iceland, Alaska, Russia, Green Land & Canada.

Note: Not all places witness these phenomena . Only northern parts of each and they occur completely only at the center of each pole .

With that being said , Let me tell you about Midnight Sun and Polar Night

Now having no night time is referred to what is called the Midnight Sun in which the sun is still visible at midnight

This is a Midnight Sun in Norway

Polar Night which is the opposite of Midnight Sunis what is referred to not being able to see the sun through the day .

Polar night on Nordkinn Peninsula in Norway, mainland Europe’s northernmost peninsula.



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