OMG!!Honey Suleman And Jack Pemba S#x Video Leak In Uganda,(WATCH VIDEO)

OMG!!Honey Suleman And Jack Pemba Sex Video Leak In Uganda,(WATCH VIDEO)


A Ugandan socialite identified as Jack Pemba has been accused of releasing a sex tape of his former lover, Honey Suleman.


In the trending sex tape that Jack Pemba cropped himself over, Honey Suleman is seen wiggling her waist on top of a Unclad man with her entire body left in the open for all to see.

Honey Suleman claims that regardless of the fact that Jack Pemba does not appear anywhere in the video, he is responsible for releasing it to the public.

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Reacting to the released sex tape, Honey Suleman said that Jack who released the tape in order to shame her – has made her popular and also put her in the market.

Below is one of the things she wrote on her Facebook page after the sex tape was released;

Like I said before I am not paying anyone any amount of money for your blackmails. You can release the second video as well am not paying anyone 5000usd for videos we made out of love. My family is not paying anything. So Jack Pemba feel free to release the second video as well. You won’t have anything else to black mail me with. Am a strong woman.”

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The video below shows Ugandan OAPs discussing the sex video and blackmail and doesn’t contain the sex video

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