Armless Ghanaian Maths Teacher Writing With Marker In Her Mouth (See Photo)

There is practically no excuse for not having something to do in this life. If you are jobless, it is either you are lazy or you just don’t want to work. Even physically challenged people are finding a way to make themselves relevant in the society as well as make some money.

A hashtag on Twitter has led to the discovery of a female mathematics teacher, teaching her students by writing with her teeth because she is physically challenged. She had no arms. Her name is Madam Enyonam, teaching math without her arms. It is reported that she is a teacher at R/C Addo-Agyiri School.

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A hashtag which was started on Twitter, ‘#GhanaTrueHero’ sought to celebrate Ghanaians who were in one way or another, doing things for the greater good without considering the lengths they had to go to achieve their aim. The photo, ever since it was posted, has won the hearts of many Ghanaians who were in awe and were amazed at the selflessness of the female teacher.

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