Frank Ocean – Moon River

Frank Ocean secretly shared a cryptic message on his Tumblr page, last month. Which practically talked about his new song coming up this 2018 “if you love 2017, Youbwill Love 2018″. The photo he share on his tumbir page shows a man with a hat,And this  shows what is forthcoming. Just this morning Frank Ocean gave out his own valentine gift to his Fans in his Newest Song titled River Moon.

Furthermore, the song is actually a song performed by Audrey Hepburn in a movie ” BreakFast at Tiffany” in1961.. But from personal view, Frank ocean really did a more advanced work on this.


DOWNLOAD MP3 :Frank Ocean – Moon River

Frank Ocean – Moon River Download Mp3

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  1. Thank’s to have shared the history of Peruvian musician

  2. Nice post thanks for sharing

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