Students Rejoice as Director Of Socials(SUG) Obini Martins Is Released

A true leader is a person that ensures the right of the people is protected even at point of death
Obini martins okorie the director of socials student union government Ebonyi State University has proven that corruption is what makes a system to collapse
the SUG presidency was unable to give account of the christmas package given to the to the students by the Executive Governor and have refused to appear before SUG SENAT.our source gathered that the sug snate have invited the president 4 consecutive times and he failed to appear, an act students call an abuse of legistrative arm and dictatorship.
comr obini out of love for his fellow students broke every odd to ensure that what is ment for the students gets to them
the DOS started asking questions which the the SUG presidency have no answer to, this left obini with no other option than to investigate the xmas gift.our source had earlier gathered that some Elite law students of EBSU had written petition to the office of the governor,vice chancellor ,security heads of misappropriate use of xmas package by the president
in the investigation comr obini martins found the following:
1: Egbe collins the sug president without proper consultation of his cabinet distributed xmas package so as to siphon most of the package
2: that he branded his family members and relatives EBSU SENIOR COMRADES and used the xmas package to pay them courtesy visit giving them bags of rice in hundreds and huge sum of money when senior comrades like former sug officials,former faculty officials and former department officials were not given any thing,he claimed that he used 40% of the package to pay courtesy visit .
a courtesy visit he paid without going with his cabinet
3: at the time he shared the package 2,000 bags of rice was not yet given , on thursday 18th jan 2018 the remaining 2000 bags was released to the president which he locked up and refused giving any to the students his reason being that he still have senior comrades to pay courtesy visit
4:when most of the sug officials sought explanation on why students package had been turn into personal affair,the president comr Egbe collins slaped the ASST.SEC and asked his thug to beat and throw the asst.sec out of sug complex

4: the DOS also investigated and found out that president have been running sug functions with some unknown group outside the elected executives so as to cover his excess corruption
comr obini went further to tour around the campus to interact with the students which he found out that the students were still on break when the package was claimed to be distributed therefore majority of the students did not get the xmas package which led obini on friday 19 jan 2018 to beg the president to release the remaining 2000 bags of rice to the students only to wake up the next saturday 20 jan an was told that the remaining bags of rice had been moved out of the sug complex ,the secretary(NWAIBO NELSON ),director of welfare(EZE OKECHUKWU SUCCESS ) who have the key to the complex saying that the bags of rice was stolen.every other sug official was curious on how such number of bags were carted away with the doors and windows of the complex in order
after the the president refused picking the calls of DOS, comr obini decided to pay the president a visit so as to acertain if he have been notified of the mess at the complex only for the president to arrest ,parade and detain him,it took intervention of the students befor the DOS was released
in his words during detaintion he said that he will always ensure that students right is protectd

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