Nigerian Lady Slaps Policeman Who Slapped Her Booty In Public

A Nigerian Lady has taken to micro-blogging platform, Twitter to narrate how she slapped a policeman who tapped her “God-given gorgeous backside” in public.

Nigerian Lady slaps policeman


“Some of you in this Lagos are mad.” She started off her tweets.

“Some of you in this lagos are mad. Cos you’re an officer with a gun doesn’t give you the stupid guts to slap my ass. Slapping that police man this evening will teach him never to mis use his power again. I only stepped out to get deodorant now i’m back with anger. Useless man!”

A Twitter user then responded to her as thus; “It’s no longer extortion of money from guys now it’s sexual harassment of the ladies, the guys who are paid to safeguard our lives sigh GOD help us all in this country”

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…and she replied; “Very silly man. My friend was asking what if he has shot me? Truth it i was thinking about that but my anger and right made me fearless”

Nigerian Lady slaps policeman

Nigerian Lady slaps policeman

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