5 Ways To Avoid Adding Weight This Christmas Season

Christmas is here again with the plentiful food.
And because there is always food around you this holiday season, there is often a tendency to overeat and of course, add weight. Indulging during the holiday season is very easy. To avoid reversing all the progress you’ve made all year, here are some ways you can avoid packing on extra weight this Christmas season:

1. Always eat before going out
There are tons of fun events to go to this period. If you’re hungry at an event, it’s a lot harder to look out for healthy options to eat. So, you might end up eating junk food with its empty calories. Eating before leaving the house keeps you full and eliminates the need for junk food while you’re out.
2. Remember portion control
It’s easy to throw portion control out the window as there are tons of food everywhere you look and you can’t help but indulge. A little bit of everything goes a long way. Don’t stuff your face with food just because it is Christmas.

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3. Slow down on the alcohol
Alcohol also contains calories which your body needs to burn off. Drinking too much alcohol will leave you hungry and needing to eat which definitely raises the number of calories you’ve consumed. The trick is to reduce the amount of alcohol you consume.

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4. Go the fruit way if you need some sugar
If you have some cravings for something sweet, forget the cakes and chocolates which are abundant this period; and go for the fruits. They will satisfy your cravings while giving you needed vitamins and minerals.

5. Don’t forget to exercise
It may seem harder to exercise since this is the holiday and everyone is resting. Break your exercise routine into chunks so you can do them and follow through this period.

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