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Today we bring to you one of the most requested program titled “time with the model” were we take time to chat with most pretty and Handsome queens and kings in the model world.

And Today we have with us king Nwandugo Mandy Afamefula  A very promising and outstanding model of the time.


so King Mandy, Tell us about your self , the type of model u are and what interests you in your career.

People often describes me as tenacious, cus I have a clinging spirit; I don’t give up. I believe in a story of a champion and also believe that success come by working hard (doubling your hustle).(B) I am a fashion model (catwork/Runaway). (c)

What interest me to become a model is because I have the looks, the vitals statistic and a killer attitude to become one. I have the right attitude experience to be a successful model. Though I have only had a brief stint in modeling never the lest I am all set to work at random schedules and offbeat work House.

wow! Yea, ooking at you, u Have all it takes to be a model and more, but, you are not the only one in this lane so what is that, u feel u got over all other models?

Well; I believe that the secret behind every successfully stories is being yourself don’t let anyone intimidate you either financially or body size and that flies me to the three keys which makes me different from other models which includes
Tenacious spirit and
High self esteem


That’s great Mandy, i need you to tell us What  your goals are as a model?

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I believe that everyone on earth should have a goal cus a man without a goal is as better as a man without a dream scientifically he is directly proportional to failure. And as such everyone should have either a long time goals or short time goals and my long time goals can be better achieved by breaking them into short time goals which includes;
Finding a position that will put me in a forward moving agency or industry with solid performance and future projections
And as part of a team I want to add value and continue to grow the agency.
And also act as a good role modle
To have my face recognize enough dat client are now trying to sell themselves to me not my agent selling me to them.
Moreover to have an agents that believes in me and have a potfollio strong enough that photographers are requesting me to build their books.

Wow am seeing you getting there soon…

Again Mandy, How do u keep up, interns of maintaining your shape| structure ?

It was not easy when I dreamt of becoming a modle cus, I am a type that love given excuses of not be chance to go out always indoor, love food like no other person.
But for my dreams to come true I now started avoiding some kinds of food’s drink’s I started taking those food (meat) that contains less fats, not just that, to become top and beat my dreams I started to do some exercises that keep me fit.

So if am to become a model I have to stop my eating lol!

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Again,  do u have any limit to what u can model? I.e is there any goods u can’t model?


There are some goods I can’t modle for. illegal goods.

Brave and Awesome!!!

Any crown?

Though I started modeling this year (2017) but within the range of time God has honoured me with two (2) crowns; first was Mr. (FASSA) Faculty of all Science Student Association which I titled my genesis of modling career. And I was offered a free slot to contest for Mr. universe Ebonyi under mumt Ebonyi brand (CEO Mr. Kingsley Amako) and I was blessed with the main crown Mr. universe Ebonyi 2017. Which I have titled the exodus.


We know that there is no smoke without fire and there is no work with out challenges so we wish you share your challenges with us.

Challenges here in quote has to do with every upcoming in the entertainment industries.
Which include getting a good sponsorship good performing and future projection industries that can put you in a forward moving agency. These and more are the challenges

People have this views that Models engage dem self in same S*X activity,
Help us clear the mind of up coming models how untrue it is.

from these question I have to draw our attention to the world of God (bible) when he was teaching about the end time; he said and I quote!
Parent will sleep (sex) with their children man with man, woman with woman.what I my trying to say; homosexuality is found in the society not in the model hood. According to Victoria tahvar and kanglee there are just making false statement with the intention to deceived the recipient. (kill your dreams of becoming a top model).

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Thank you very much Mandy, its has been a fun moment having you around, this is the last question for this episode , Any advice for upcoming ones ..?

My advice to the upcoming modles is that they should not allow any one destroy their dreams in the name of trying to help or sponsor.

They should upject and cousel this evil idealogy of using want you have to get want you want.
And most importantly they should build up a good modeling portfolio.

Wow, its been fun with u here, and your answers were beautifully filled with Lessing’s and food for the taught, definitely we know you are going to make it big in the model world.

I personally wish to see you as Mr Nigeria soonest…

You that is reading, I would want you to make a comment about this young looking man, and were you want him to be in the next 2years.


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