Man Caught Having S*x With His Manager’s Wife In Zimbabwe,Wife Runs Out N@ked[See photos)

Innocent Kondowe’s, 28, illicit affair with his manager Rexon Chiyangwa’s wife Ustina Dube came to light after the latter invited her lover to visit her relative in Harare where they would have quality time far from the manager.

Chiyangwa told H-Metro that whistle blowers informed him about Ustina’s unholy trip prompting him to follow. He caught them around midnight accommodated at the latter’s relative.


“My neighbours informed me that my wife had been going out with Kondowe and I could not believe them since he is my subordinate and neighbour,” said Chiyangwa.

“She left me with our two minor children saying she was visiting her grandmother yet she was going to have quality time with her boyfriend.

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“Following a tip off I travelled along with my children and delayed to get to the house where the two were enjoying. Kondowe hid under the bed when I arrived.

“My wife ran out Unclad and up to now we do not know where she went,” said Chiyangwa.

Kondowe confirmed having the affair with his manager’s wife for the past two months. He also said he had no money to return to Chegutu.

“My cousin is the one who facilitated my love affair with Ustina after she heard her commenting positively about my stature,” said Kondowe.

“We have been in an affair for the past two months and she is the one who paid for this trip to Harare after I indicated to her that I had no money.

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“She insisted on visiting her grandmother with me saying that was the only way she could spent the whole night with me away from Chegutu where many people were suspecting.

“As we speak I do not have any dollar for transport to Chegutu and I do not know how we got to this place where I am under Chiyangwa’s mercy.

“Ustina got an opportunity to escape when two men took turns to beat me and that was around midnight.

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“I regret falling in love with my manager and neighbour’s wife,” said Kondowe.
Ustina was still to be found by the time of going to print.


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