Drake sents a massage to Meek Mills while on stage

Could this be the end of the beef?

OVO Sound boss Drake is out here making headlines and ending long-running rap beefs. The hip-hop star has put an official end to his feud with jailed rapper Meek Mill .
New footage has emerged of the 6 God acknowledging Meek’s jail situation during a live concert and showing him support.



“I see you in the adidas three stripe,” Drake told a concertgoer. “I see you got the ‘Free Meek Mill’ t-shirt. Free Meek Mill, too, man, for real.”



Our Meek sources say he’s not willing to follow Rick — his label honcho — down the road to peace because there’s way too much trash talk under the bridge. Remember, when Drake played Philly — Meek’s home turf — Meek and his crew showed up outside the arena. Not to mention fresh disses on Meek’s last track, “King” … and Nicki Minaj’s “No Frauds.”

“No reason to question that. We all sat down and looked at each other in the face and told each other that. The energy was all positive. We didn’t even spend no time on f–k sh*t. It was about everybody moving forward. Real niggas still supporting each other like it was ‘06, ‘07, like it was ’08, regardless the financial situation we in. I got horse stables. I was talking to J. Prince about giving me male stud cows, start my beef farm. That’s the conversation with me. But at the end of the day, these are our little brothers that we love. I got love for Drake, Meek Mill, got love for him. That [beef between them] couldn’t go too far. I hope everybody enjoyed whatever they enjoyed. … The tricky thing about beef, it’s a lot of times ain’t about how you feel or what you perceive or what you see, it’s the things that go on in the dark. To me, that’s what’s important. At that I was just kinda sitting back. I wasn’t watching Drake.”

not something that I’m proud of because it took just as much of an emotional toll on me. Maybe not as much as it did on him, but you always gotta hear about it – and just seeing people get so riled up on negativity, it doesn’t feel great. It was just embarrassing to witness, you know? If he had revealed some huge thing, you know, you woulda heard a lot more people, peers of mine chime in.”

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