Some may argue the topic to be semantic or syntactic, i.e, mean the same thing while the meaning remains the same, just differences in structure.

A Gospel minister is someone who does his solely for God. Hence, engaging worship is the most important thing to such persons. His songs are preachy, true, and straight from the heart. His calling is not for monetary or personal gains, neither are they for personal or selfish reasons. His songs solely MINISTERS; entertainment is the last thing on his mind. Church choristers fall into this category.


Gospel artistes, on the other hand, were (mostly) Gospel ministers who sought to take themselves ‘higher’ or ‘upgrade’ themselves by merchandizing their ministrations. Thus, Gospel artistes have one thing in mind, to satisfy their audience by giving them a show that is worthwhile.
Hence, the presence of God does not really matter to these folks since most of their songs are secular songs that have been fused to sound religious. The Spirit of God rarely work with them as they believe intensive rehearsal would give them the best output.

My Experience: Being a Gospel Minister and a Psalmist, I had always wanted to learn from people I considered as my role models. I had always wanted to see how they sing LIVE, how they communicate with their instrumentalists and all… This did not happen until 2007 or 8, I finally stumbled upon Cece Winans, Donnie McClurkin and Kirk Franklin at a Live Concert in Lagos. Having watched them keenly, I was able to take and reject some things I noticed from their ministrations. One thing was left now; I needed to see my local role models live until the unexpected happened.

It was somewhere in 2009, I was in my fresher’s year and it was announced that there would be a Gospel concert on a Friday in the school tagged: ‘Campus Redefinition’. It was organizes by Bouqui and the concert witnessed many Gospel stars, among which Sammie Okposo, Lara George, Eben, Rooftop, etc were in attendance.
To cut the long story short, their dressings never interpreted what they sang. Eventually, the ‘welu-welu’ master’s turn came. I was so excited because he was one of my local role models. The moment he came on stage, he started sing another version of Terry G’s ‘Pass me your Love’.
Geez! It was so depressing to see the man I had revered doing secular songs all in the name of praising God. I didn’t wait for the concert to end before leaving.
Gospel artistes would never attend a programme save they are paid. To them, praising God is serious BUSINESS.

Artiste do it for cash to survive. They move from church to church and drop renditions, make people dance and make the church a live concerto/theater…..

Artiste are specialized in whatever they do thus…

Then ive not seen them wait behind for the Pastor/Preacher’s sermon( the core of our wholllleee Christain race)

WHEREAS… A minister

Has the Holy Spirit’s touch everywhere he/she ministers.

Since our race must be that of perfection, these ministers tour that line. They majorly move congregations to tears( thats what it supposed to be. Not everytime though. But its like a mark seperating the artiste from the minister)

the minister isnt after ‘buy my cd, album’

they are very very unpopular

and lastly they’ve battled Lucifer( God’s former choirmaster)

any gospel singer that thinks he can flow for years without fighting this Lucifer is surely a big novice. The devil know music/how to please God till date. And cos he knows this, he is now so perfect at making u displease him as well.(even with the same music-rem babylonian songs?) Get it,
Sometimes we mistake the hype for the presence of God. But give an hour after and ask if anything meaningful was gained…….
Lord open our eyes all to see the truth!!!!
your life as a gospel music minister must truly represent God

This particular place made me bring in this grate Minister

( gospel rapper no1)

I don’t wanna go further in telling u about Him
But He is a very powerful minister I av seen, with the likes of
ur dressing, the word u speak d way u relate 2 pple is a message……..until you come to know that you are a WORSHIPER NOT A SINGER u will not stop trying pleasing men…….a gospel minister does not seek praise from men but praise from God!!!.


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